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Terms and Condition

At the launch, there will be 150 million premined ERNE, which will represent about 15% of the total supply. 75 million of ERNE tokens will be given to holders of the protocols listed below based on a snapshot taken at 4:00 PM GMT on 01.11.2020 (BlockNo: 11,172,140).

Matic Network — MATIC
Uniswap — UNI
AAVE — EthLend and Aave Token
MakerDAO — DAI
Synthetix — SNX
Compound — COMP — CRV
Balancer — BAL
Nexus Mutual — NXM

The first 150,000 wallets out of collected 600,000 token holders of the above 10 protocols can claim 500 ERNE from 4:00 PM GMT 2.11.2020 till 4:00 PM GMT on 18.11.2020.Also, the first 10,000 users to claim their token will be given a NFT token titled “ERNE Genesis” — a uniquely designed non-fungible token that demonstrates the holder is an early adopter.

If you believe there is a mistake in eligibility, kindly send an email to [email protected], stating your wallet address, amount of tokens (from the 10 selected protocols) you hold as of 01.11.20 at 4:00 PM GMT (snapshot time). We will fix it as soon as possible.